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Lawn Mowing Facts & More

Updated: Feb 23, 2019

Lawn Mowing Facts & Tricks

Lawn Mowing Facts & More
Lawn Mowing Facts & More

Lawn Mowing Facts & More

Mow header strips at the ends of the lawn and around flower beds first. Make them wide enough that you can turn the mower around in the already mown section. Then mow back and forth between these header strips overlapping each lap by about 1/8 the width of the mower's deck.

Don't cut your grass too short, particular for cool season grasses. Higher heights usually provide for a deeper root system, looks better, and is less likely to have weeds invading, particularly crabgrass.

When mowing remove only 1/3 with each cutting (except for the first mowing of the season when it's ok to remove more). You can safely leave clippings that will quickly decompose and add nutrients back into the soil. Contrary to popular opinion, grass clippings do not add to thatch buildup. Grass blades are made up of about 75% water.

Why do I Need My Mower Blade Sharpned?

By having your mowe blade sharpned you are allowing a cleaner cut of the grass and less stress on the root system. It is imperative that you have your mower blade sharpned at least anually.

What is the best time of day to Mow?

No one time is better to mow than another based on what hour it is. However if it is too hot for may days mowing may cause you to tear the dormant turf. Also if you try to mow when it is too wet you can also rip sod and turf.

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