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Spring Is Near and Quality Is A Must

Updated: Aug 20, 2019

Spring Is Near and Quality Is A Must
Spring Is Near and Quality Is A Must


With spring around the corner finding a lawn care service you can trust your lawn with is essential! Our team here at Distinctive Concepts Lawn & Landscape, LLC decided to make you a list of the 5 things that set our team apart from our competetiors!

1. Professionally Trained Technicians:

Our technicians are trained by some of the best in the field. With quality mowing and upkeep services, as well as turf and agriculture best practices once our team members are well prepared working in the field for years before taking on their own route!

2. Locally run business:

Distinctive Concepts Lawn & Landscape, LLC is locally owned and operated. Our staff has years of experience with weed control in Joliet and we know how to get the job done. Instead of calling a company in another area you can rest assured that your team is right around the corner.

3. quality assurance:

We guarantee our quality and assure you that our products are top of the line. If you are not happy with your lawn treatment we will re-treat the targeted area at no cost to you. Our team offers a professional service and we take pride in the job we do for homeowners.

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