Right Equipment 


We specialize exclusively to residential and commercial lawn mowing in Naperville,  PlainfieldAurora, Oswego   and surroundings areas.

We use professional lightweight zero-turn mowers that won’t scalp your yard, tear up your grass, or create heavy tire depressions in your lawn.

All of our machines have adjustable floating decks.

By matching the right equipment to your home, your lawn stays beautiful year round.

Why Distinctive Concepts Lawn & Landscape?
Here’s what you Receive:

No Contracts!

Tired of paying for lawn care service when the grass doesn’t even need to be cut?

If you’re under contract for an entire year, then you are paying for service through winter when no service needs to be performed. Stop giving away four months of your hard earned money!

Distinctive Concepts Lawn & Landscape does not require you to sign any contract to do business with us.

If you want to stop service, just say the word. We’re not going to threaten to take you to court or report you to some credit bureau. And we’re certainly not going to require you to pay us in the winter when you don’t receive any service.

Convenient Billing

Tired of leaving checks under your front mat to get rained on, lost, or not picked up for several days?

We offer convenient credit card billing that is delivered on a weekly basics so you're paying as you go. 

Timely Service 

Your party is on Saturday. Your lawn is scheduled to be mowed on Friday. Your lawn care service doesn’t show, and there is nothing more frustrating.

We get it. Which is exactly why we show up on schedule.

Phones Answered

How many times have you called your lawn care service provider only to leave a message that is not returned for 3 days if at all? Here at distinctive concepts lawn and landscape we answer. You will always be in direct contact with Tory the owner.  

Professional Appearance

Uniform employees and marked trucks and trailers. You will always know who is on your property.